Wind Tunnel Tested
Proven performance and results

Nova2 aerodynamic testing performed using a real-life scenario testing protocol – The Lew-Ross Real World Tunnel Protocol.

We used the Lew-Ross Real World Tunnel Protocol as this gave us more relevant information regarding how our wheels would perform for a cyclist in normal riding conditions. At the end of the day when we all cross the finish line it is the performance in the real world that counts; that is why the drag-stall laboratory style head-on-only winds don’t really count for anything more than normalised testing conditions experienced in a wind tunnel.

The consistent success that we encountered over our competitors at multiple yaw angles coupled with reliably returning the highest lift coefficient at these yaw angles further solidified the proven scientific aerodynamic benefit of choosing to ride the Nova2 Elite Road Series. The performance was proven in real world testing scenarios through an independent aerodynamic testing facility in the USA which is what one should be considering if real world results are in fact the primary reason for a wheel set purchase.

Carbon Composite Material
High Quality Carbon Fibre

Our rims are hand built using Toray,T700 carbon fibre which offers not only the most resilient strength and durability but this high modulus fibre also allows for excellent processing ability.

T700 carbon fibre supports characteristics for filament winding and prepreg. This un-twistable fibre is used in high tensile applications like pressure vessels, and is also used in recreational and industrial applications including rotor blades.

The need for this strength and durability is what made NOVA2 opt for T700 carbon fibre as the base of our rim material choice – successfully creating high performance rims which will withstand continuous stress.

Technologically Advanced Stopping Power
High TG Resin

Our new premium, Custom High TG Resin infused brake track allows for a far better braking surface performance than the basalt braking surface seen used by many other wheel builders.

This premium, Custom High TG Resin and can withstand heat from brake pad friction up to 280 degrees Celsius. This Custom Compound also reduces the sound given off by the braking process and while increasing the durability of the rims.

Safety should never be compromised and this is why we have reinforced the need for ongoing innovation and research and development in the production of our wheels. Riders can feel confident in our meticulously tested products and ultimately allowing them to stop on a dime when needed and really step in to the descent.

Aivee Hubs
Machine Block Hubs

AIVEE is the perfect example that it is still possible to produce high-range components in France that are accessible to all customers.

Developed in close collaboration with Asterion and entirely machined from the solid stock with an anodized “aircraft” 7075 T6 aluminium based design, their geometry is optimised in order to obtain a high-performance, technical and reactive wheel. Aivee hubs feature flanges that are oriented to optimise the spoke tension.

All Aivee hubs come standard with a gearing spacer allowing the rider to interchange between 9,10 and 11 speed cassettes. Lightweight hubs with sealed bearings and a black, blue, tangerine or red anodised finish. Not only are Aivee hubs at the top in terms of their performance, hubs they are a thing of beauty too.

Sapim ‘CX-Ray’ Spokes
Racing Spokes

The CX-Ray spoke is more durable than any other spoke on the market, resulting in extremely high fatigue test scoring.

Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for almost all bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mould to form its specific profile.

Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel ensures that it conforms to the Sapim quality standard specifications.

Sapim ‘Race’ Spokes
Racing Spokes

The most popular double-butted Sapim spoke. Build up tension is easy, much less torsion and not as elastic as the Sapim Laser spokes.

The Race spoke provides shock absorption due to a thinner middle section as opposed to non-butted spokes. These spokes have two major benefits: less weight and more strength. Technological advances using cold forging ‘stretch’ the spoke, retaining the linear, molecular structure of the material, increasing spoke strength.

Sapim Nipples
Colour Variety

Simply put, aluminum equals higher performance. Sapim uses the highest aluminum grade possible (7075 T6), combining lightweight, strength and corrosion resistant products. The anodised surface treatment provides various colour possibilities.

Sapim ensures that aluminum nipples receive a special coating, reducing friction between both spoke/rim and nipple. This coating is a unique process that is applied to both the thread and the nipple surfaces. The aluminium nipples allow for silent, effective truing with no more squeaks.

Virtually torsion free spokes mean high tension wheels without problems and no over tight nipples on spoke threads. No more oily and dirty wheels as the need for lubricants has been eradicated from this part of the wheel build.

Continental Easy Tape Rim Tape
Tape it up

We’ve chosen Continental because the brand has proven itself.

This special fabric high pressure tape can be used up to 220psi and is extremely lightweight and long lasting, ideal for both professional riders and serious enthusiasts making it the perfect choice for our wheels. This small component equates to large impact. A poorly constructed or unsuitable rim tape can be the cause of many puncture issues.

It is especially important with hollow section rims to use a pressure resistant rim band, which covers the entire rim. The fabric-reinforced Continental Easy Tape rim protector is designed for use under high air pressure conditions.

We understand that every riders requirements and preferences are different so if there are any components that you wish to be used in your build, please let us know and we will happily work with you in order to get these components successfully built in to your new wheelset.