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Professional Cyclist - Team BCX

NOVA2 35mm ‘Brech’ / 55mm ‘Fiddies’ Carbon Road Wheels

“I had the opportunity to use the NOVA2 speed Halo wheels during the first race of my 2018 season the 6 day 775 km Mpumalanga tour.

I used both the 55 and 35 Speed Halo clincher NOVA2 wheels. The flat stages I opted for the 55 front and back. The intermediate stages I opted for 35 in the front and 55 back. The mountain stages I used the 35 back and front. The thing I enjoyed most about the wheels are how stiff they are, if you put power down in a sprint the wheels are true and strong with no flex. The same thing for going up the hills if you attack or react to a attack the wheels respond immediately. Its not something that you have to worry about getting going or turning.

The nice thing about Nova 2 is they offer a big range of wheels. Clinchers, tubbies, ceramic, deep or shallow wheels. I prefer racing on tubbies. The NOVA2 clincher wheels are ideal racing wheel for the regular rider you don’t have to worry about riding on tubbies and you get the same benefit as tubular wheels.

The Nova2 clinchers make for ideal training wheels as well. My NOVA2 weapons of choice are the 55 tubular ceramic ninja wheels. This is definitely a wheel I would recommend to anyone”

Michael Ferreira
ITU Cross Triathlon Junior World Champion

NOVA2 ‘Rhino’ Mountain Bike Wheels

“My first impressions of the wheels were that visually appealing. The bright colours and intricate pattern on the wheels were unlike any I have seen before. The installation of the wheels was fairly simple as the straight walls of the rim allowed the tire to bed itself easily. The straight walls of the rim also allows for extra strength, this will come in to good use later on in my testing.

The performance of the wheels in my first test was really good. I found the wheels to be very stiff and responsive through tight single track. The weight of the wheels played a big factor as they were light enough to easily lift over obstacles but heavy enough to give you a really stable and comfortable ride.

The two main factors that really stood out for me was the cornering stability and the climbing ability. I found through high speed corners the Nova2 Rhinos really held their own. The cornering was very stable and there was no fear of sliding out or going off course. After a couple of repeats on Northcliff hill it was very evident that the Rhinos had climbing potential. The wheels could accelerate easily up the short steep climbs and when you are in the saddle pushing up a long drag it almost feels effortless to get the wheels rolling.

I will be running more tests on the wheels as I have been given the task to take them to failure. I will slowly be increasing the level of intensity of testing. My first test was performance and I believe the Nova2 Rhinos passed with flying colours. It is the heavier version of the mountain bike wheel but it is still definitely a high performance racing wheel.”

Darren Ryan
2015 Kona Ironman World Championships & Ironman 70.3 World Championships Qualifier

NOVA2 35mm ‘Brech’ Carbon Road Wheels

“Took the wheels out for a spin today and very impressed! The 35’s on a road bike. They roll so smoothly and very stiff which is awesome for acceleration when you put the hammer down. The 25mm tires make for a softer ride. Unbelievable maintenance of speed when they going which is great for triathlon. I find them at their best from 20km/h. Got them to 74km/h in the cradle with a 12 tooth on the back which shows how they gain speed. Very light for 35’s and they corner better than any wheels I have ridden which is because of the stiffness and the 25’s.”

Michael Ferreira
ITU Cross Triathlon Junior World Champion

NOVA2 35mm ‘Fusion’ Carbon Road Wheels

“My first impressions of the wheels appearance were very good. They did not have your standard carbon weave and the laser etched decals really stood out. I liked what I saw and I was excited to start riding them. The Fusion 35 wheels were the first set of carbon road wheels that I had ridden properly and not just in the parking lot of a bike store. On my first ride I had a noticeable difference in the rolling resistance going from aluminum to carbon wheels. It felt as if I was riding of a pocket of air. The second thing I noticed was the ease of acceleration with the wheels. Being a shallow rim it doesn’t take much to get the wheels up to speed and the ability to accelerate and make quick sharp attacks was very easy. The most noticeable feature of the wheels was the climbing ability, hence the nickname the mountain goat. The weight of the wheels and the low rolling resistance makes the NOVA2 35 Fusion wheels a force to be reckoned with on the climbs. Overall the wheels were an absolute pleasure to ride as they were very comfortable, responsive and energy efficient. I am looking forward to testing the rest of their range.”

Richard Cameron
Ironman South African Championship Competitor

NOVA2 65mm ‘6ers’ Carbon Road Wheels

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys at NOVA2.

I was looking for a set of wheels that were reasonably priced but I never thought I would get something as incredible as these within my budget. They are stiff but still soft, and roll so smoothly which provides for an amazing ride.

I rode the NOVA2 – 65mm’s at the Ironman South Africa Champs in April this year. The way they maintained their speed was incredible, which helped me better my previous Ironman bike time by almost 1 hour 30 minutes!!

The NOVA2 65ers made my ironman race more enjoyable than I could ever have imagined. This brand is incredible and ‘under-priced’ for the quality of wheel you get. I can guarantee that I will not be using anything else going forward.”

Wayde Baker
Ironman South Africa Athlete

NOVA2 65mm ‘6ers’ Carbon Road Wheels

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the amazing Wheels I bought from you guys a few months ago. I have been riding for many years and have never had the opportunity to ride with such awesome equipment. The Nova2’s – 65mm where extremely well priced and thus, it allowed me to buy them and iv never looked back since!! I used them in my Ironman in April and I had an awesome ride!! The rolling resistance is basically zero and the feel of the wheel on the road is amazingly soft, yet stiff as all hell. My speed on the bike has increased since the day I put them on and I’m so happy with the performance I’m getting from them. Thank you to the team for building an affordable, top class and top quality Wheel. Ill never look at another brand again!! Looking forward to seeing the MTB wheels and will for sure be testing them during Epic in March 2017.”

Bryan Difford
2017 ITU World Championships Age Group Champion

NOVA2 65mm ‘6ers’ Carbon Road Wheels

“I recently raced in the North Gauteng Provence Champs with the Nova2 65mm wheels. I found them to be incredibly fast, particularly on the flats and downhills where I had more speed than I have ever had before which really gave me an edge on the bike and ultimately helped me qualify for the South African Champs where I then qualified for the ITU Cozumel Grand Final! The wheels are super light weight but still give you a perfectly smooth, comfortable ride. Handling for me was the key element, the wheels were very reactive and move as I expected them to. All in all an amazing set of wheels which continually help me in producing my bike PB’s and a 5th place age cat finish at the 2016 ITU World Championships, thanks NOVA2!!”

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