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Where it all began

Part of our objective as a supplier was to break the mould by building high quality, customised cycling products that we could take to market at affordable prices. We understand the desire to ride premium wheels and proudly bring them to you without charging extortionate prices.

NOVA2 provide enthusiasts with the parts and encourage you to customise your own build specifications, your own product design and we’ll take care of meticulously building and fine tuning your wheels here in England.

Designed and built with care

All our wheelsets are hand built by our master wheel builder here in either London or Johannesburg. We aim to deliver the exact specifications that our riders require and we pride ourselves in matching our riders to the best suited wheelsets that they require in order to enhance their performance and results.

We source our components from all corners of the world, drawing on the companies that excel in their respective fields which allows us to build unparalleled, competition beating wheels.

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Chief Executive

Ryan Clatworthy

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Chris Edington

Global Sales Director

Bryan Difford

Master Wheel Builder

Tim Kock

NOVA2 is a company that prides itself on innovation and new ideas. If you have these lying around and if you share the “eat-sleep-ride-repeat” passion that we have, then please contact us as you are just the right person to join our team.

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